Annual Dinner with a difference - and a meerkat

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Annual Dinner with a difference - and a meerkat

Posted By admin |04 Oct 2011
Annual Dinner with a difference - and a meerkat

Friday the 23rd of September JCI Bradford celebrated their annual dinner at the fabulous Midland Hotel in Bradford. Though I love annual dinners for the opportunity to catch up with friends, enjoy some good food and wine and dress up in pretty dresses (yes, I am that superficial), its nice when someone rethinks the concept and does something different.

The JCI Bradford dinner started out like most annual dinners do; with reception drinks, speeches and food. JCI Bradford President and long time supporter of JCI Phillip Cavalier-Lumley was awarded a well deserved Senatorship  from National President Allison Cowell.

Then the entertainment started. President Phil was challenged to face his fears in the shape of an angry scorpion (of the Emperor type; Pandinus imperator), then a big phyton and finally a hairy tarantula. Phil did well, kept his pants clean, and came out of the experience in one piece.

After the dinner, the other guests got to play with the animals and creatures as well. My favourite was a little meerkat called Alfie. You can see more pictures from the dinner after the video.

Congratulations to President Phil for a great experience I will remember!

Check out the video of Phil facing his fears.

Phil receives his senatorship

President Phil receives his Senatorship

Blog » bradford phil snake.jpg

Phil facing his fear being challenged to kiss the phyton.

Pamela with owl

Phil's wife Pamela with one of the cute animals, a very friendly owl

Blog » bradford tim spider.jpg

JCI Leeds member Tim Metcalfe get some unusual head decoration

Blog » bradford solveig meerkat.jpg

Me with Alfie the Meerkat.

The animal were provided and cared for by the Morley Exotic Pet Rescue.