An Intensive Month in the Life of a Local President...Part III

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An Intensive Month in the Life of a Local President...Part III

Posted By admin |12 Jul 2016
An Intensive Month in the Life of a Local President...Part III

★ An Intensive Month in the Life of a Local President! ★

Three weeks, five countries: From Southampton to London, London to Helsinki, Helsinki to Tallinn, Tallinn to Helsinki, Helsinki to Tampere, Tampere to Helsinki, Helsinki to London, London to Southampton, Southampton to Dover, Dover to Calais, Calais to Kortrijk, Kortrijk to Calais, Calais to Dover, Dover to Southampton, Southampton to London, London to Frankfurt, Frankfurt to London and London to Southampton. 

JCI Twinning weekend with JCI Kortrijk in Belgium: 24/25 June

Our twins are awesome. I mean really awesome.

I didn't talk about the twinning agreement when I mentioned the European Confenrence but as I've said previously, that Saturday was for me the best day of the conference.

Over the last 3 years,  JCI Kortrijk and JCI Southampton have been building relationships and our great International Directors and International committees have helped us to achieve this agreement on Saturday 18th June 2016. Thank you to Sophie, Bruno, Bert, Pol, Alex, Michael, Alice, Drew and all the others for making this happen!

Another early day ahead for us, but we are up for a great time with our recent twins.

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Couple of months ago, we’d agreed with Kortrijk Chamber that we will attend their garden party and celebrate our twinning at the same time. We quickly forgot about the time and looked forward to a great adventure. 5 hours, and a car and ferry ride later and we've travelled through France, making our way to beautiful Kortrijk.

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Our twins have organised it perfectly. Bruno, JCI Kortrijk President at the time, welcomes us.  After a tour of the city, we head back to the hotel to  ready for a Great Jaycees Garden Party. Carl, Bruno, Sophie and myself arrived at the venue, again: another perfect place. We meet with JCI Kortrijk members and the only thing I can think of is how all these people are lovely, welcoming, and good fun. Putting names to faces, chatting with them... this promises to be a great evening!

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The dinner was lovely, the party perfected by a surprise Charleston dance lesson and an Ice cream stand. We’ve mingled with everyone, had some good food, thrown some great dance moves, had plenty of drinks, learnt more about the birth of our twinning and got invited to a wedding.

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Thanks to all for this short but intense weekend and, like we say in French, “On prend les mêmes et on recommence” which means we take the same ones and we start again. Looking forward to attending Pol & Stefanie’s weeding in September and celebrate Jaycees way.

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