An Intensive Month in the Life of a Local President!

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An Intensive Month in the Life of a Local President!

Posted By admin |11 Sep 2016
An Intensive Month in the Life of a Local President!

★ An Intensive Month in the Life of a Local President! ★

Three weeks, five countries: From Southampton to London, London to Helsinki, Helsinki to Tallinn, Tallinn to Helsinki, Helsinki to Tampere, Tampere to Helsinki, Helsinki to London, London to Southampton, Southampton to Dover, Dover to Calais, Calais to Kortrijk, Kortrijk to Calais, Calais to Dover, Dover to Southampton, Southampton to London, London to Frankfurt, Frankfurt to London and London to Southampton. 

National Training Team

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Another weekend, another great JCI UK Academy. Once again, we were able to send a strong delegation from JCI Southampton to this training: 5 members, 1 car and a lot of fun, starting from the early morning.

This course aim is to help JCI Members to become better trainers. Across the weekend, we picked up a lot about things such as different learning styles and how to create a training. NTT was a great example of how all the academies are linked and integrated with each other. For example, in May you can attend the Public Speaking Academy to improve your public speaking skills, and in June, you have the chance to practice what you’ve learnt during the PSA by working on the creation and the delivery of a course.

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I’ve learnt a lot more about both myself and others, which is what you would expect from this kind of course, and so from this end, NTT has fully fulfilled its course objectives.

Why should you attend this course? Some people are naturally good at delivering content, but this course enable you to understand that when you deliver a presentation, training or any other type of content that is meant to educate people it’s not about you but your audience. Who’s the audience in the room and what is the best way of communicating your key points?  For less than £100 we had the chance to get answers to these questions and more over the two full days and one evening course. What’s more, the accomodation is included. It would be a shame to miss it!

Aside from the training aspect, there is always one other great thing about these academies: the social side. Going to these acadamies gives you the opportunity to meet new people and catch up with people you’ve met across the country or even the world. I’m always happy to get to these academies because for me, they empower me with a lot of positive energy, laughs and fun.

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I’ve completed a circle, I’ve attended all the JCI UK academies that I needed to attend (I did not attend the Marketing Academy as a participant, but as a trainer since it’s been my job for the last 5 years) and it’s now time for me to train others in the academies where I attended as a participant 1 year ago. LEAP 2016, here I come!

Thanks Emma, Martin, and Sarah for delivering the training, and James for the smooth organisation. I loved it!

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