A Journey through Time and Space

A Journey through Time and Space

Posted By admin |09 Mar 2015
A Journey through Time and Space

Come with me now on a journey through time and space!.... sounds exciting yeah! And it jolly well was and the perfect way to describe the end of February courtesy of JCI.

So let's tackle the time aspect of our journey and look back to Thursday evening and the Prioritising and Time management session hosted by JCI Barnsley and run by the ever engaging Fiona Silvester of JCI Rotherham and the JCI UK National Admin and Membership director. The session was very well attended with over 20 participants ranging from grizzled old senators through to new and non members, with representation from JCI Rotherham(who brought the chamber pot)and JCI Sheffield. Members spent an absorbing 90 minute session learning skills and techniques on managing our day to day work load better, planning our work/life balance throughout the year, utilising traffic lights,to do lists and prioritising through to the eating our frogs.

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Now on to space. Space is big, really bi,g you may think it's a long way down the road to the shop and back again but that's peanuts compared to space. Thanks to the Friday night event organised by JCI Rotherham and hosted by Mexborough and Swinton Astronomical Society at their observatory close to Hoober stand. We got an in depth look at the immense nature of the universe. Again this was a very well attended event with 20 people. Once wrapped up nice and warm and ensconced inside the observatory we split into two groups, one would stay inside next to the heater to take in a video that took in a brief look at our solar system and the other group would go outside and freeze/look at the stars.

So I sat by the heater took in the joys of our solar system, the hour flew by with the knowledgeable commentary of the chairman of the society. It was then time to brave the elements and take a look at the moon which with the stargazers natural enemy "the clouds" in abundant supply. We got a brief glimpse at Jupiter and its moons. Before we had to call it a night we went for a poke around the observatory for a photo show of the various nebulas that had been captured by the members of the society. The first group managed to see some stars constellations, the plough, Cassiopeia and Gemini. After a Q and A session we ended our night warming back up in the Rockingham Arm in Wentworth before shuffling our way back home.

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I'd like to thank JCI Barnsley, JCI Rotherham, Fiona Silvester and the members of the Mexborough and Swinton Astronomical Society for a grand end of February.

Richard Grange- Senator 74051

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