A Guide to the Disruptive Business World

A Guide to the Disruptive Business World

Posted By admin |29 Mar 2012
A Guide to the Disruptive Business World

On Wednesday, March 21, Darren Fell founder of Crunch.co.uk gave an insightful presentation to JCI members on a "Guide to the Disruptive Business World".

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Darren's first company Pure 360 an email marketing firm which he sold for 8 million dollars succeeded in disrupting  online marketing.  However, it was his newest venture Crunch.co.uk,  an E-business that is hoping to disrupt the traditional accountancy model that his presentation focused on. It even has one of the founders of eBay and Skype as an investor!

Darren  provided  JCI members with a great account of the trials, tribulations and barriers to entry I might face when starting up my own company. From evil accountants trying to smear his name to the overwhelming need for it to succeed, especially when a lot of his own money was riding on it.

It was a delightful,inspirational and thought provoking evening tracking Darren's journey, and his expansion into disrupting the accountancy profession.  He even came down afterwards for a drink at the pub... You can't get much better than that!

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Blog written by James Schirn (JCI London Member)