Adventures of a Cancer Maverick

Adventures of a Cancer Maverick

Posted By admin |28 Jul 2014
Adventures of a Cancer Maverick

Charlotte Scothern, Deputy President of JCI Rotherham, reviews her first JCI Sheffield event...

Blog » Training courses » Nina Joy.jpgOn a sunny Tuesday after work I headed over the border from JCI Rotherham to my first JCI Sheffield event. After a long day at work and with the sun shining bright it would have been easy to go straight home to the garden but as soon as Nina started talking it was clear everyone there had made their best decision of the day to attend.

Nina Joy told her story, the ‘Adventures of a Cancer Maverick'. She talked us through her journey, her discovery and search for more information to be able to take control rather being lead by her diagnosis. She was a wonderful speaker, not only did she talk us through her journey from diagnosis and treatment choices but she talked us through the general ideas she'd learnt that had helped her so we could incorporate them to our lives for example the power of the mind and the effects it can have on your body . For me the most poignant sentence she said overall was ‘happiness is a choice'. I think that is really powerful and the concept that no matter the situation and how terrible it may seem it is important to recognise the things we are still grateful for and the power of gratitude.

Nina gave us tips on things we could do that could boost our happiness including meditation and starting a journal. She also recommended some great books, articles and websites to read. That night I found a journal and I have now started journaling, fingers crossed I keep doing this as it will be great to look back over. I don't think I can properly capture with words the overall feeling with the evening, it was inspirational, scintillating and motivating. Nina managed to take facts about cancer, her journey and allowed everyone to understand her choices, talk us through the lessons she's learnt. She didn't recommend, she just gave us all the information she'd gathered and told us about the things she's done and allowed us to make up our own minds and she gave us all something to take away.

I have now bought her book and can't wait to read it, and if you couldn't make the evening I would definitely recommend you follow her on twitter (@NinaJoy1), read her blog or buy the book.

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