Adam Woodhall

Adam Woodhall

Posted By admin |07 Apr 2011
Adam Woodhall

Head Trainer Biography

adamwoodhallHead Trainer – Adam Woodhall, JCI Leeds


Adam Woodhall is JCI UK’s most experienced current trainer having delivered dozens of courses to hundreds of JCI members in the UK and all around Europe since 2005.  A summary of his JCI CV is as follows:

• In 2006 won both Most Outstanding Trainer in JCI UK and Most Outstanding President in Europe.  Also Outdoor Head Trainer for JCI European Academy in same year.

• Head Trainer for ‘JCI Presenter’ & ‘JCI Trainer’ since 2008, delivering 11 Presenter & 4 Trainer courses

           Co-wrote 3 courses for JCI: ‘Word of Mouth Marketing’, ‘Discover’ & ‘Team Building’

           Training Director for JCI UK in 2009 & mentoring the 2011 Training Director

           Delivers environmental empowerment training for his business; PeopleProfitPlanet

           Became a Senator in October this year: No. 69981

           Delivered three different courses in JCI Scotland in 2009

           Proud to be Head Trainer for Presenter in Scotland JCI Scotland’s National Convention in 2011!