Active Citizen Meet - time to take action!!!

Active Citizen Meet - time to take action!!!

Posted By admin |17 Feb 2012
Active Citizen Meet - time to take action!!!

The community team has landed! well the start of a team at least. The JCI London Community team had our first meeting on Wednesday 8 Febuary, the discussions centred on what is it we want to achieve and how are we going to achieve it.

There was a healthy dose of realism added in there, as we tried to get to grips with what we meant by community and then how on earth we communicate this to other JCI members to get them all excited and motivated to help us achieve this years vision. There was an excited flow of ideas after this Community Director, Soraya set out her aims and objectives and invited our input. There is clearly already a lot planned and in full motion so look out for some fun easy things that you can get involved in and make a difference in the world with hardly any effort.

Here’s a taste of some of the ideas that we talked through at the meeting:

• International projects specifically a community development project lead by a JCI Member??? You have to come to the team meetings to find out more!!

• Projects tackling health inequalities linking into the Nothing But Nets campaign

• Charity fundraising

• Volunteering opportunities with local organisations

• Environmental clean up day

• JCI members as inspirational leaders and role models for vulnerable young people by continuing and improving our 'Go For It' project

There were a few strong themes that came through the discussions:

1. A clear focus that whatever we do it benefits JCI members and tap into their thirst for self development, learning and leadership.

2. The community team wants to be seen as moe than just the charitable side to JCI but rather we going back to our roots of our mission and vision statements and impacting at a local level.


To provide development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change'


'To be the leading global network of young active citizens'

We feel passionately about embedding social values into all that JCI London does, this means we want to work closely with all of the JCI areas of opportunity and see how we can all make a difference. There are some clear challenges that we are going to face, with some members not from London, people’s orginal connection to their local community is often not there, we need to try to help members connect at a local level. The team is full of passionate individuals who have a background in business and community work and we are determined to make this year the best that JCI London has had for creating a positive and lasting social impact. Can you stand up the challenge- Learn business skills, leadership and do good in the process- join us!!!

To find out more contact Soraya Bowen  and book to attend our next meeting

'Change the world today'

Lucy Wood-Community Team Member