ACE 2016 Recognition

ACE 2016 Recognition

Posted By admin |06 Mar 2016
ACE 2016 Recognition

At inspiration day 2016 we awarded a record number of ACE certificates recognising the true dedication of our members in giving back to their local communities. This year saw 692.5 hours recorded by members from across the UK, which is truly outstanding and says a lot about the dedicated active citizens we have within the organisation.

The top 5 chambers were:
1 - JCI Sheffield - 206 hours
2 - JCI Barnsley - 187.5 hours
3 - JCI Rotherham - 179 hours
4 - JCI Leeds - 94 hours
5 - JCI Doncaster - 26 hours

With a special mention to the members that achieved Gold status during 2015 (30+ hours recorded):

  • Alex Byers - 94 hours 
  • Stephanie Smith - 91 hours 
  • Fiona Silvester - 91 hours 
  • Lewis Houghton - 44.5 hours 
  • Ryan Pilkington - 34 hours 
  • Kathryn Brooks - 31 hours 
  • Tracy Anderson - 31 hours 

About ACE
One of the core values of JCI is to make a local impact by being ACTIVE CITIZENS and what better way to do this than to volunteer in your local community. Here in JCI UK we want to reward those members who go that little bit further and get actively involved in their local community.  As a result we recognise members for their level of community involvement through the community hour’s project.  

What do I have to do?

  • It is very simple - all you have to do is volunteer in your local community and record your hours  
  • Keep a record of the number of hours you volunteer and log them on our JCI UK Community form 
  • Keep your local community director or Chamber up to date with your progress
  • Send your volunteering stories and photos to the JCI UK National Community Director Katie Jackson ( 
  • Wait to be recognised! 

All we need now is for members to get started and get volunteering!

Fiona Silvester receiving ACE certificate .jpg      Steph Smith receiving ACE certificate .png 

Tracy Anderson receiving ACE certificate .png      Ryan Pilkington receiving ACE certificate .jpg