60 second interview: Vassilios Dagiakidis from JCI Ignite

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60 second interview: Vassilios Dagiakidis from JCI Ignite

Posted By admin |08 Nov 2012
60 second interview: Vassilios Dagiakidis from JCI Ignite

Vassilios Dagiakidis, JCI Ignite LondonToday I met Vassilios Dagiakidis who is a member of JCI Ignite London, London's newest chamber.

Can you tell us about your background?
I grew up in beautiful South Africa where I completed my schooling and Business Degrees. After a few years of working in market insights I decided to move to London as I was looking for new adventures. Before relocating though I went volunteering for several weeks in Tanzania in what turned out to be a life-changing experience. The time I spent volunteering has had a significant impact on me and my perceptions of the world in which we live.

When did you join JCI Ignite London?
I'm not sure of the exact date, but would say I officially joined JCI Ignite London when I volunteered to be Events Director in November 2011. In fact, my very first JCI event was about starting-up JCI Ignite London.

What projects have you been involved in?
Quite a few! I planned our JCI Ignite London launch evening - an amazing event attended by JCI UK Board members, JCI London Council members, Senators, Deputy Mayor of Merton - Chris Edge, representatives of London Citizens, guests as well as a magician who thrilled the crowds. I have also been involved in organising social and training events, with our most recent event being a training session on Personal Presence held in conjunction with JCI London and trained by our current JCI UK President, Solveig Malvik. 

What do you personally expect to get out of your membership in 2012?
I aim to be an active member and (i) help grow Ignite membership, (ii) organise and attend some thought-provoking and fun events and (iii) work with some amazing people within both JCI as well as external associations. To date, I have to say I have not been disappointed - active membership has truly been an experience I would highly recommend.

You went to JCI European Conference in Braunschweig. How was your experience?
Fantastic! My expectations for the conference were set very high as I had heard a lot about it but the actual conference itself comfortably surpassed any expectations I had. It was an amazing conference filled with new friends from across Europe, fantastic speakers, trainings and workshops as well as the most amazing parties. I cannot recommend the European Conference highly enough - everyone should go.

If you can invite any speaker to a JCI event who would that be?
Richard Branson - I think he is an absolutely amazing individual who has had phenomenal commercial success whilst maintaining his core values and integrity. His humanitarian work coupled with his ability to innovate and push boundaries with his Virgin brand of companies (e.g. Virgin Galactic) would make him an irresistible choice for a speaker at a JCI event.

Who is a leader you admire?
One name springs to mind and that is Nelson Mandela - he did for South Africa what no one else could. Without Nelson Mandela and his spirit of reconciliation, South Africa would be a very different country today.

How do you describe his values?
Forgiving, visionary, passionate, committed, respectful and a true leader. Nelson Mandela is truly a remarkable man.

What's your hidden talent?
Now there is an interesting question. I can chop open a coconut with a machete...

What can JCI do for you? Do you need help with anything such as connections, developing ides?
JCI has already contributed quite a bit! During my time so far as Events Director for JCI Ignite London, I have been fortunate to have had National and London Jaycees offer assistance with chamber set-up, ideas for attracting members, trainings, drafting constitutions, newsletters, the website, organising events and connecting us to key persons.

Perhaps one suggestion would be to have a London Council member be a semi-Ignite London Council member - interacting with an individual who has been "around the block" with JCI would be an invaluable experience for all of JCI Ignite London Council members.