60 second interview: Meet Lina Derkeshli from JCI London

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60 second interview: Meet Lina Derkeshli from JCI London

Posted By admin |29 Sep 2013
60 second interview: Meet Lina Derkeshli from JCI London

Can you tell me about your background and your profession?  Lina Derkeshli, JCI London
I am a global citizen, I lived and worked in three continents, Asia, Europe and America. I started my career in Marketing and Advertising then moved to banking after few years. I worked for prominent organization such as JPMorgan and Citi, while I studied for my MBA at Argosy University. Later I took few contracts in EMEA working in Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, and Norway, before I moved to the UK.

When you lived in Syria and were involved in JCI, what did you do there?  
I am originally from Damascus Syria; in 2006 I returned to work in the Levant region and that is when I got introduced to JCI. I was fascinated by this young organization that has a lot to offer covering 4 development opportunities, business, individual, community and international. Each one of these area was useful and much needed in a beautiful developing country like Syria to empower it youth and educate it communities about NGO. I participated in many local projects with JCI Damascus. In 2008, I led and implemented a national programme to certify 50 new trainers by inviting international CNT and CLT trainers to facilitate JCI Presenter and JCI Trainer. I also severed that year on the national board as Financial Director. In 2009 I served as the National VP for Individual and Membership Development and established the National Academy for training and personal development.

How has JCI Syria been progressing over the last couple of years? 
Due to the current in situation in Syria there are lots of limitations in terms planning and executing projects. However and regardless of all the obstacles, JCI Syria is still an active organization with national and local boards.

Which is your best JCI experience?
Every JCI experience is very special and my best experience is my first international participation travelling to Norway to attend the Viking weekend. I learned that JCI is not only amazing as a local leadership incubator but also an amazing international opportunity to meet people and learn about cultures. It was eight of us and they are all still my best friends.

If you could travel to any country in the world where would you go? (no budget restriction)
I would like to visit China. I am very curious about west Asia and would love to learn more about this country in person.

What do you like about living in London?
It is a great melting pot where you meet people from all over the globe. I love all the variety of cultural experience you can get whether restaurants, theater, and museums. I like that London is an international hub and many of my friends and family

What is a good weekend for you?
Coffee in a nearby local coffee shop with my family and friends. I like also attending a musical or theater.

Who is the person who influenced you the most, and how? How would you describe her?
My younger sister Alia. Alia is an inspiring leader, intelligent and great speaker. I admire her resiliency and determination that got her very far. She is very kind with exceptional EQ and communication skills.

What can JCI do for you? Do you need help with anything such as connections, developing ideas?
JCI is a great way to give back, learn and grow in a safe environment, and friends for life from across the globe. I would like to take more advantage of JCI networking events.