60 second interview - meet Richard O Neill from JCI Belfast

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60 second interview - meet Richard O Neill from JCI Belfast

Posted By admin |06 Jun 2012
60 second interview - meet Richard O Neill from JCI Belfast

I had an opportunity to interview Richard O Neill who is a member of JCI Belfast. As you know JCI UK's National Convention is in Belfast 30 Nov - 2 Dec, read more about it here.

Can you tell us about your background?
I am a chartered accountant working in a commercial role in the beer industry in Ireland for Molson Coors. In 2001 I graduated from Queen's University Belfast with a 2:1 in Finance with German. I took a year out to run the university RAG society and then began work in London in the back office of an investment bank. After 4 years my wife and I moved back to Belfast, and since then I have progressed through a few similar positions with different companies to be where I am now. I am also the proud father of a 4 month old girl. Outside of work I enjoy music and football - and of course beer!

What is your role in JCI Belfast?
I am currently treasurer and acting website officer, but you do end up supporting across a range of tasks. Portraits » Richard O Neill, JCI Belfast.jpg

When did you join JCI?
I joined in summer 2009 (I think!), so coming up to 3 full years now.

What projects have you been involved in?
The biggest ones have been more recent - helping to get the new website ready for launch, and helping to organise the UK National Convention later in the year

What have you learn in JCI over the last year? Anything exciting and useful?
For me the major benefit has been taking part in the JCI board - it has helped me develop skills in planning, communicating and thinking innovatively that I have been able to apply to my professional life. Also the networking practice has been great, developing more confidence in this area. There have also been some interesting presentations as part of our Members Nights

If anyone is new to JCI Belfast what would you recommend them to do?
Just turn up at an event and introduce yourself! You'll find like-minded and interesting people to talk to, and as many opportunities for personal development as you are willing to take on.

Who is a leader you admire?
Very tough question - it's hard to really evaluate a leader that you haven't worked with directly. But based on achievement and longevity, I'll go with Alex Ferguson, Manchester United manager.

How do you describe his values?
He has a clear vision of what his organisation stands for and has made this part of the culture of the club. He demands nothing but the best from his team so this vision can be realised, and has also put the resources in place to make success possible. For me, these are all values that I admire.

What's your hidden talent?
I'm a reasonable guitarist and singer, depending on your taste in music.

Anything else you would like to share with us?
Just a delicious pint of ice cold Coors Light!

Thank you Richard, I am looking forward to have an ice cold Coors Light with you in December!