2011 JCI Plan of Action

2011 JCI Plan of Action

Posted By admin |17 Feb 2016
2011 JCI Plan of Action

JCI just shared the plan of action for next year. Please share it with all JCI UK members!

JCI 2011 Plan of action 

By providing development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change, JCI is on a mission to change the world by transforming communities and changing lives. In 2011 the organization embarks on an exciting journey to position JCI as a global organization with the ability to impact the world. JCI will take action to accomplish its vision of being the leading global network of young active citizens.

A World of Citizens: JCI and Human Security

The 2011 Plan of Action is inspired by a new era - an era in which the destiny of the world is being defined by citizens rather than nations. In a past Cold War 21st century, with increasing globalization , and people exposed to threats that cannot be resolved by unilateral efforts of nations. Beyond national boundaries and government bureaucracies, young active citizens will have to take initiative to ensure progress and development of communities.

The term "Citizens Initiative" has been used to define the notion that positive change in the world will be brought about by the action of individuals rather than the action of nations or states. As a forward-thinking organization, JCI shall embrace the future in 2011 and urge members to be the true active citizens by taking initiative to lead the world to a better place.

As active citizens, we can no longer subscribe to the notion that national security shall be provided by governments, but we must ensure the security of every human being from want or fear. 

In recent years, the United Nations has begun to address the concept of human security, which, simply put, is a concept that seeks to ensure the security of every human being in terms of food, health, the environment, personal, community and politics. The perspective of human security emerged because nations no longer have the ability to deal with issues that face the security of individuals unilaterally. 

Human security means protecting the vital core of human lives in a way that enhances human freedom and human fulfillment. It works to free people of their fears as they relate to conflicts, terrorism, natural disasters, environmental degradation, infectious disease and economic crisis. It relates to the ability to elevate people out of poverty, illiteracy, poor health and the lack of vital social services.

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