Could you be on the 2020 National Team – Frequently Asked Questions

Could you be on the 2020 National Team – Frequently Asked Questions

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***DEADLINE FOR NOMINATIONS *** Friday 16th August 8pm ***

Being on the JCI UK National Board is a fantastic experience.  You get the chance to work with dedicated members from different Chambers from around the country, learn new skills including contributing to the strategic planning for the organisation, help support the great work being undertaken by our local chambers and of course have fun along the way!

For those interested in the possibility of taking on a National Board role in 2020 we have put a number of questions to the 2019 JCI UK Deputy National President James Lambert.

What is the main purpose of the National Board?

The National Board is responsible for governing the organisation, supporting local chambers, organising all national events, and delivering the strategic plan.

How often does the National Board meet? 

There will be up to 6 national board weekends throughout the year. Additionally, there are 4 National Council meetings that board members ought to attend…only due to exceptional circumstances would members miss these meetings.

Where does the National Board meet?

The meetings vary in location based on who is on the national team and where they live. For a couple of meetings, we will try and hire a cottage for the weekend for the purpose of team bonding.

How much travel is involved?

  • Travel to national board and national council meetings. 
  • Potential travel to visit local chambers and the opportunity to attend International events (this is a requirement for the role of Deputy). 
  • From 20-22 March 2020, the National Board teams of Switzerland, Belgium, The Netherlands and the UK will meet up in The Netherlands to share best practice. Whilst this isn’t compulsory, it is a great weekend to be part of.

Will I have any out of pocket expenses as a National Board member? 

As a member of the NB, you will receive a purse to cover some of the costs of travel and hotel bookings for events, although this is unlikely to cover all the costs incurred throughout the year. While the purses for 2020 haven’t been agreed yet, as a guide, the purse in 2019 was £400.

What will I get out of being a NB member?

You will get the opportunity to increase your network and to learn new skills. You will also get the opportunity to help shape the future of the organisation.

Why has the structure of the NB changed?

The theme for 2020 is #ThePowerOfUs and the emphasis will be on working as a team to share the responsibilities for all areas (at the exception of the core governance areas of admin and finance). Working as a team will also mean that we can be flexible to work around holidays/work commitments without the organisation suffering.

How much experience do I need to join the NB?

Ideally, you should have been a member for at least a couple of years and served for a time on a local council team.

How many hours will I need to commit as a minimum?

Outside of the weekends mentioned above, the roles will generally involve a few hours per week, and this will vary depending on which projects you are working on at different points of the year.

Do I need to attend the AGM to be elected?

Attendance to the AGM is not compulsory, but considered necessary in case anyone has any questions for you.

What happens if more than four people stand for the positions? 

There would need to be an election and the positions would be voted on by Local Presidents and the 2019 National Board. 

How do I apply for a National Board position?

Please complete the attached Intention to Stand Template for 2020 roles and email it to and by 8pm on Friday 16th August 2019.

I don’t want a Board Role so how do I apply for a project role?

Please send James Lambert an email detailing the project you are interested in and why.

If you have any other questions, please contact James.

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