2010 TOYP Honouree Sabirul inspiring youth in the Maldives

2010 TOYP Honouree Sabirul inspiring youth in the Maldives

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Sabirul Islam, Global JCI TOYP Honouree from 2010, just returned from the Maldives having spent 7 amazing nights in the country and reaching out to more than half the Maldives population.

Sabirul thanks JCI Maldives President Thanie Saeed who worked really hard with her team to make it a possibility.

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In the first night, Sabirul spoke at the Guitar Idol final, live on TV (similar to Britains Got Talent) and reached out to more than 100,000 people.

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In addition, Sabirul spoke at 8 schools and a few other events, and visited 7 Islands in the Maldives.

Sabirul says:

“The experience was amazing, the response was huge and my inbox is now filled with young Maldivians stating words such as ‘You’ve changed my life.!”

Blog » Inspire1Million Tour - Maldives Poster.jpgTo the right you can see a poster which was designed and distributed to every school, college and university in the Maldives. Hundreds of students now have copies of Sabirul books and dvds which they were able to download to get their entrepreneurial journey up and running.

Sabirul says “Words cannot describe the experience or the response from young people. It was beyond extraordinary. I will be visiting the Maldives again in July, when the JCI Sri Lanka tour takes place.

A big thank you to JCI Maldives and JCI UK for introducing me to such an incredible organisation.”

You can read more about Sabirul’s Inspire1Million tour here.

Read an interview with Sabirul here.

Learn more about TOYP here.


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