How to start your own JCI chamber

JCI UK has chambers in 16 towns and cities around the UK. We are always looking to start up new chambers. If you think that your area would benefit from having a JCI chamber, please contact JCI UK’s National President for more information. JCI UK includes England, Wales, Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man.

Who can start a chamber

Anyone who is 18-40, with the enthusiasm and passion to bring JCI to their town/city, can do so. You probably have some entrepreneurial spirit, too.

Read an FAQ about opening or relaunching a Chamber in the UK


Benefits to you and your team

You’ll learn and accelerate skills such as leadership, project management, sales, decision-making etc, create positive change in your local community, and build your local business network. And what better legacy could there be to leave to your community?

How to start you own chamber?

  1. Get to know JCI better – attend events, conferences, training
  2. Form a team – who else do you want to be part of the journey?
  3. Research and plan – does the area need JCI?
  4. Write a plan of action – collect all your thoughts and share these with JCI UK and your team
  5. Recruitment strategy – where can you find potential members?
  6. Promotion plan – do some PR and marketing to spread the news that a new chamber is launching
  7. Get help to set up the website (JCI UK will supply you with one)
  8. Apply for funding from JCI
  9. Formalise the chamber
  10. Plan and run the launch event
  11. Chamber development – make sure you have a team that wants to continue working together
  12. Follow-up with JCI UK

Getting help and support from JCI

Funding is available from JCI (EDC Mini-Grant) and JCI UK (Foundation Grant and New Chamber Funding). Contact JCI UK for more information. You can also apply for funding from JCI Europe and JCI UK.

Read this testimonial from Sarah Jane Mills of JCI Doncaster:

“Re-energising JCI in Doncaster was one of the most challenging but rewarding experiences of my life.  Our team came together and shared a vision for JCI in Doncaster.  We all worked towards that and developed/honed various competencies (e.g. team working, project management, influencing people etc) that were directly transferable to our working lives.

Along the way, we encountered new experiences and opportunities and made some great contacts and friends.  If you want to manage your own talent and give back to your community, then JCI is for you!”

Sarah-Jane Mills, Senior Legal Counsel, member of JCI Doncaster.

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