Our experiences at European Academy – part 1

Our experiences at European Academy – part 1

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Last month UK delegates had the opportunity to attend the JCI European Academy in Sweden. In part 1 of 2,  JCI Nottingham member Arahbella Benta and JCI London member Chris Adamson share their experiences at EA in our latest blog.

How did you find your experience at European Academy?

European Academy was overall a wonderful experience, from the new connections made to the insights and training on teams and leadership. I enjoyed learning from people of different views and cultural backgrounds and it was amazing to me the high level of clear communication although native languages were different. – Arahbella

Attending the JCI European Academy was one of the most amazing experiences that I’ve been fortunate to have as a member of JCI. European Academy really showcases the best that the organisation has to offer, bringing together friends old and new from across Europe and really challenges you to be better. – Chris

What will be the thing you most take away from the experience?

It’s all about the people for me.  I take away a greater understanding of how to work with & accommodate different personality types.  I will also keep in contact with the diverse connections I‘ve made. – Arahbella

It’s hard to articulate exactly what I will take away from my experience at the European Academy. European Academy gave me so many unforgettable experiences, lifelong friends and a genuine drive and determination to go back home and really make an impact. The transformation amongst the whole group of people from arriving in Sweden on the Friday compared to leaving on Tuesday was truly astounding and something I would urge you to try and experience for yourself if you get the chance. – Chris

How do you think attending European Academy will help you in your future JCI career?

European Academy will help my future JCI career by me leveraging connections made to share best practices & support of each other’s JCI events/programmes.  I thoroughly enjoyed the Achieve training ran in the pre-academy and this is now a training I would like to give myself wherever the opportunity arises. – Arahbella

Attending the European Academy will undoubtedly help me in my JCI Career. I feel that I am a better leader for having attended European Academy. I understand my own strengths and weaknesses and feel able to identify the personality traits and preferences of others to help get the most out of my team members. But most importantly, European Academy deepened my belief in the ability of JCI to make an impact and increased my passion for this amazing organisation. – Chris

Why should JCI UK members attend European Academy in the future?

UK members should go to European Academy to meet, connect and collaborate with different cultures. – Arahbella

I can’t speak highly enough about European Academy. Just do it and you’ll thank me later! – Chris

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