National Roles 2018 : The UK Marketing Team

National Roles 2018 : The UK Marketing Team

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This blog post is slightly different from the previous ones as it’s not just for one role, but a whole team. It’s the area of the National team that has changed the most from previous years and want to start by explain why I’ve changed things with this part of the team.

In previous years, Marketing has been covered by just one or two members of the national team and it’s clear that due to the work levels involved, this hasn’t worked effectively. It has also focused purely on marketing the national brand with only light support given to local chambers. It was clear to me that this had to change as it’s not fair on the individual taking on sure a mammoth role or the national organisation that such a key activity is going under resourced.

With all this in mind, the marketing role has been divided into five roles that will work together as the JCI UK marketing team. These roles are

  • Marketing Director
  • Videographer
  • Social Media Manager
  • Internal Communications
  • Designer

By breaking the team down into these roles, each individual person can bring their speciality to the team and work together to really up our marketing game. SO what does each role do?

Marketing Director – The Marketing Director heads up and oversees the Marketing Team.  This role needs to be filled with someone who has experience of running an overall marketing strategy and plan for a brand, either through profession or as an experience marketing director locally within JCI. The Marketing Director will work with the rest of the team to develop the strategy and monitor progress.

Videographer – Video is a key method of communicating with members and something we need to do more of. This role will focus on creating engaging video content for JCI UK and help local chambers by advising them of best practice when creating video and video channels on platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo.

Social Media Manager – Our social media channels are an important way of reaching out to potential members as well as keeping current members up to date on what’s happening. The Social Media Manager will be in charge of coming up with a plan for the main platforms we use to increase engagement and reach whilst also generating content relevant for our audience.

Internal Communication – As an organisation we need to let our embers what’s going on nationally, but also in other chamber from the UK and also internationally. This role will focusing on making sure all members of JCI UK know what is happening and when, as well as sharing news and updates.

Designer – We have a strong brand in JCI, and we need to make sure that is maintained. The designer will be in charge of creating any design assess needed by the marketing team as well as the wider national team. They will also work to update the JCI UK Canva account so there is a uniform resource that’s easy for local chambers to use to promote themselves locally.

As you can see, there is a lot to the marketing team, and some roles will cross over so any one looking to take on one of these roles will need to be a good communicator and enjoy working with others.

Full job descriptions for the roles can be found here.

If you are interested in any of these roles or any other one on the national team next year, please email me at

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