Are you ready to step up? Do you want to be on the 2019 National Team for JCI UK?

Are you ready to step up? Do you want to be on the 2019 National Team for JCI UK?

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Preparation for 2019

You won’t be mistaken that summer is well and truly here thanks to all the hot weather and sunshine we have been having of late.  So whilst there is still just over 5 months to go until the end of the year and therefore still lots to be getting on with, its now the time when planning and preparation starts for JCI UK in 2019.

As the Deputy National President for this year and as National President for 2019, I am now looking for JCI UK members to step up and volunteer to be on my National team for next year.

Serving our members

Whilst it is an honour to serve as National President, a National Director or National Officer, the focus is on our members and its the members that sit at the ‘top’ of the organisation.  The role of the National team is therefore to serve our members – to listen to them, support them and carry out your year in office to work in the best interests of our members.

2019 Roles and opportunities

Below are a list of roles that I’m recruiting for to join the 2019 team with a brief summary of some key areas of focus for each role.

Over the next couple of weeks, I will be sharing more detailed information about the responsibilities and requirements of each role.

If you are interested in any of these roles, please drop me an email, a text or whats app message or give me a call and I’ll happily talk through more information.

How to apply

If you wish to stand, please complete the intention to stand template for 2019 – this asks for the reasons you want to stand, what experience you have and the ideas you have for the role.  You then need to get a JCI Chamber to propose you and another to second you – this would usually by the President of the proposing or seconding Chamber.  Then e-mail this to Vicky Biggs, 2018 Admin Director at and also myself at the latest, by 8pm on 17th August 2018.  If more than one person stands for a particular role, we will let you know in case you wish to prepare an election campaign.  National Board roles will then be voted on at the JCI UK Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 15th September.

National Board Roles

Role/Blog Icon Key focus
Deputy National President   Supports the National President and the National Board in implementing the 2019 national plan of action.

Develop and support a team of Local Deputy Presidents.

Lead the Chamber Task Force that focuses on development and growth of existing and new Chambers.

3-year commitment: 1 year as Deputy, 1 year as President and 1 year as Immediate Past President.


President’s Assistant (Admin Director)



  Organises the National Board meetings and National Council meetings – booking venues, accommodation etc.

Creates agenda and takes minutes of meetings.

Responsible for running the National Awards.

This role will also lead on running the National Ten Outstanding Young People (TOYP) program.

Finance & Membership Director



  Prepares and monitors the national budget.

Keeps control of finances from membership.

Makes payments, creates invoices and prepares the national accounts.

Provides support and guidance to local Chambers where needed on budgets and all things finance.

Responsible for ensuring insurance provision is in place.

Growth & Development Director



  A brand-new role aimed at supporting Chambers with membership growth and engagement and sharing best practice.

Will lead activities that enable members to connect and network.

Supporting development projects.

Community Action Director   Champion the Global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the JCI Active Citizens Framework (ACF) as the basis of creating community projects.

Lead on national mental health projects, Pound A Day project and recognising the voluntary hours members undertake through the Active Citizens Experience (ACE).

Business Development & Partnerships Director


  This role will support the National President with maintaining existing national partnerships (such as with the British Chamber of Commerce, the BCC) as well as identify new key strategic partnerships.

Will develop and seek sponsorship and in-kind support for JCI UK.

Oversee Investor in Young People Awards.


International Director



  Promotes international opportunities to JCI UK members, especially the European Conference (EC) in Lyon, France and the World Congress (WC) in Tallinn, Estonia, Ireland and Scotland National Conventions.

Attend EC and WC and provide key information and organisation to the JCI UK delegation.

Liaise with organising country of the National Board ‘NOM to NOM’ weekend (Belgium).


Training Director



  Leads on development of the National Training Team and the suite of existing and new National Training Academies.

Review and develop the training policy.

Identify key training needs and new ways of delivering learning and development opportunities.

Communications & Marketing Director



  Responsible for devising and implementing a national communication and marketing strategy focusing on internal and external communications via a range of approaches: social media, graphic design, PR, marketing campaigns, copywriting, newsletters, videos etc.

Develop and lead a team of Communications & Marketing Officers.

Website Director



  Supporting the Communications & Marketing Director to ensure the upkeep of the JCI UK national website.

Continue the development and roll out of the new website template to local Chambers.

Support local Chambers with information, support and training on how to use and develop local websites.

Regional Group Chairs (RGCs):




  There is scope for a Regional Group Chair in the South, Northwest (includes Northern Ireland) and Yorkshire.

Liaison link between regions and National Board.

* NB the Yorkshire Regional Group Chair is elected at the Regional AGM in December.


National Officer Roles

Communications & Marketing Officers x 2



These 2 roles will support the National Communications & Marketing Director in raising awareness and the profile of JCI, communicating to members and to the public.

Specific duties of each Officer will depending on the skills, experience and development needs of the person.

Events Officer   Supports the organisation and preparation of national events and training academies such as researching and booking venues and helping with logistics.

None of these roles are set in stone.  I’d like to hear how you think you could deliver and develop the roles.  If there are other ways you think you would like to be involved, please get in touch.



Mark Smith

2018 Deputy National President JCI UK

Senator #76527


M: 07977 422341

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