JCI EC16 – Land of the Midnight Sun

JCI EC16 – Land of the Midnight Sun

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You know you’ve been on a whirlwind of a break when you come back more tired than you left, you come back inspired than ever before, having had experiences you could never have the chance of doing on your typical holiday! Meeting people from 37 different countries! It doesn’t matter if you know 1 person or 100 people before you go, because from the moment you land you see JCI members everywhere and it’s a great chance to forge new friendships as well as catch up with members from previous international events you don’t get chance to see that often 🙂

This European Conference in Tampere Finland gave me the chance to find out more about amazing projects from around the world that JCI chambers are creating positive change with everyday, I got the chance to be trained from international trainers and my favourite parts from watching my friends and fellow JCI UK members, challenge themselves to compete internationally in Public Speaking, Debating in English and Debating in French. They were all amazing, representing JCI UK stunningly, and although I still don’t quite know what the French team said (my French isn’t great) it was amazing to watch, the passion, energy and preparation all the competitors from all 3 competitions put in, shows just one of the areas JCI provides unique opportunities.

Now it wouldn’t be a holiday without letting your hair down, my favourite parts of any conference is always opening ceremony and awards with closing ceremony! The atmosphere is hard to describe, I think the closest word is electric! JCI UK showed just how outstanding we are on a world stage taking home 3 awards and even more shortlists! The parties included being in a closed down shopping centre, the party held by Switzerland has cheese!!! and the shows at the closing ceremony were amazing!

There is no way one blog can put into words how amazing a European conference experience is, so as the sun sets on my conference experience (unlike Finland where it is hardly ever dark) I look forward to booking my next one, making new, one of a kind memories and I hope to see you there. 

Charlotte Scothern

JCI Rotherham


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