How I Came To Be On National Board – Jasmine Lambert

How I Came To Be On National Board – Jasmine Lambert

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Jasmine Lambert


Soon after joining JCI I jumped right into the role of Local President for JCI Portsmouth.  I loved my whole JCI experience at a local level and being a Local President allowed me to get a better understanding of the National and International aspects of JCI.  After my year as Local President I stepped into the important role of Immediate Past President, supporting the current President for JCI Portsmouth and making sure there was a smooth handover for the running of the Chamber.  In my year as IPP I started to think about what the next step would be and the idea of joining the JCI UK National Board really did appeal to me.  Luckily the National Board felt so too! 


Traditionally the Regional Group Chair (RGC) has always worked alongside the National Board, not technically in the National Board.  Therefore, as it is not officially a ‘voted in’ role, it is the responsibility of the current RGC, working with the chambers in the region and liaisng with the National Board team, to find the right person to take up the position once their year is up.  We have a vast amount of talented people in our organisation but not everyone thinks or has the confidence to step up and put themselves forward for a role; so the RGC role is a perfect example of where the current RGC and National Board can approach people who they think would be an asset to the National organisation. 


 I was approached by Drew Charman, the RGC for the South at the time, and I knew it was an offer I couldn’t say no to!  The idea of getting to work with all the amazing people on National Board and at the same time have a real impact at a local level in all the chambers in the Southern Region, was a role that was so appealing to me!  I have loved every moment of my experience so far and I am so pleased that Drew asked me to be RGC for the South because I would have never had the confidence or courage to put myself forward for a role on National Board!  My goal this year is to really promote to Local Chambers that the RGC role is here and waiting for someone to step forward and take it. If you love JCI, working with people and want to create a strong Southern region of JCI, then this role is for you!

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