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Here you can read more about our local projects. Be inspired! If you want to share what you have done in your local chamber please contact the website editor.

JCI Manchester : Manchester Young Talent Awards

It’s rare that we get the opportunity to take a look at our team and show genuine appreciation for our superstars. Every workplace has them, those people that go above and beyond the call of duty. That arrive before 9am and are the last to leave in the evening. That are answering emails at weekends even when specifically instructed not to, and all for the good of a company, firm, organisation that they work with. They unknowingly form an irreplaceable cog in the organisational machine and inspire those around them through their dedication and hard work.

It was for this reason that JCI Manchester started its flag ship event, the Manchester Young Talent Awards some 7 years ago; to give businesses the chance to publicly show their appreciation for those superstars that make such a huge contribution to the running of their organisation. We offer the following awards:

– Most Promising Young Person in Manchester (Rising star award)
– Entrepreneur of the Year
– Finance Professional of the Year
– Legal Professional of the Year
– Talent & Recruiter of the Year
– Marketing/PR Professional of the Year
– Digital, Media or Creative Professional of the Year
– Property Professional of the Year
– Team of the Year
– And the new category for this year; Hospitality Professional of the Year

As awards events go this is up there with the best in Manchester. Made all the more spectacular by the fact that it is organised by people in their spare time!

Easter Egg Collections

Both JCI Sheffield and JCI Bradford run projects to collect as many Easter Eggs as they can to give to disadvantaged children in their environments. The projects involve working with local businesses to encourage their staff to donate.


Secret Santa Appeal

Every year JCI Bradford gets together with The Pulse and local businesses to collect Christmas presents for disadvantaged and needy children from all over the Bradford area. JCI Bradford leads the way with the annual Secret Santa Appeal starting originally in 1989. The appeal provides a great opportunity for members to learn and practice skills in project management and people management etc. The appeal collects around 3,500 presents each year.


JCI Sheffield members trek across the Sahara Desert

In the ultimate support for our official charity of the year SAFE@LAST, our 2013 President Dan Senter and 2015 President Mark Smith  joined a team of 27 brave volunteers to trek across the sahara desert to raise funds for the JCI Sheffield chosen charity from 8th-15th November 2014. Everyone on the trip was so supportive of each other, encouraging each person especially when they had their difficult moments, offering compede blister plasters to ease poorly feet and ultimately the sense of camaraderie as we were all in it together for such a special cause.


JCI Birmingham help to beat blood cancers

On Sunday 21st September 2014 Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research saw 1,495 cyclists take part in the Birmingham Bikeathon. Riders chose the 26, 52 or 100 mile route, with the longest route seeing cyclists ride all the way to Chipping Camden in the Cotswolds and back to Centenary Square in Birmingham city centre, where they rode over the victorious finish line and received their medal!

Over the course of the afternoon JCI Birmingham members volunteered to help personally hand riders their medals, and see the achievement (and in some cases, relief!) on their faces, which was very rewarding. 1,495 medals later, the JCI Birmingham team, along with other volunteers and staff of the charity, were really proud to have helped with supporting such a successful event and ‘played their part’ in the fight to help beat blood cancers.


JCI Liverpool – Great Ropewalks Litter Pick!

On Saturday 2nd August 2014 members of Liverpool Chamber, with support from Liverpool City Council and local volunteers, took part in the Great Ropewalks Litter Pick initiative to help clean up one of the most iconic areas of our city. It was a cold, wet and grey day but despite the rain, the feeling of being soaked did nothing to dampen the enthusiasm and determination within the party. Through team work, conversation and humour, everyone was able to come together as a unified team. The weather also helped to generate a sense of camaraderie, which kept going throughout. This was indeed needed, as there were occasions when litter had to be removed from some awkward places.


JCI Sheffield – the Big Sleep Out Challenge for Safe@Last

During 2014 Sheffield members took part in 4 Sleep Outs during 2014 to raise awareness of homelessness and to raise funds for the chosen charity Safe@Last. On each occasion they had to sleep out from 8pm until 6am the following morning regardless of the weather (which included cold and rain) but plenty of camaraderie got them through and they are looking forward to taking part again in 2015.

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