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Everyone who is a JCI member has the chance to get involved on an international level. It is a great opportunity to see the whole picture of JCI and the impact is has all over the world. Everyone working in these positions are members like you and I and doing their jobs voluntarily often on the side of demanding and ambitious careers. Members do this because of everything you get back from being involved internationally, the inspiring people you meet and the opportunities that come with it.

International Vice Presidents

JCI has 17 International Vice Presidents (IVP) and you are elected for one year. Each IVP is responsible for between two to six JCI countries and are expected to visit each of them at least once during the year. They support the National Presidents and help to coordinate many activities. JCI UK has had many Vice Presidents over the years. Read the list of past JCI UK IVPs at our history page.

Other international positions in JCI

There are many other international positions, some elected, some appointed. How about sitting on the JCI European Development Council? Being the JCI UN Commissioner? Working as a Special Assistant to the World President? All these roles offer different challenges and different opportunities to make an impact, both locally and internationally

International Executive Vice President

There are four Executive Vice Presidents (EVP); one for each of the four areas (Europe, Americas, Asia, and Africa & the Middle East). EVPs all sit on the Executive board of JCI. They are also responsible for the Vice Presidents in their area of the world. JCI UK has had two Executive Vice Presidents – Joe Dilger in 2004 and Lesley Young in 2013.

JCI World President

All World Presidents are different, but they are all extraordinary people. Competition for this post is tough. You might have to wait a year or two after being EVP before taking the next step to start your election campaign. In the meantime, how about sitting on the Executive Board of JCI as a General Legal Counsel, or maybe as Treasurer?

It takes a huge amount of hard work to go all the way. If you succeed, you will travel to more than 70 countries and meet JCI members from all around the world. You will build up a powerful global network and have an enormous impact on the entire JCI organisation.

So if you want to challenge yourself, make a difference and progress your career, here is some sound advice from those who have gone before you. Find some good mentors. Learn to play the ‘political game’. Be reasonably humble while you sharpen your leadership skills. Look after yourself, because it takes a lot of energy.

Roland Kwemain, JCI World President 2010, said that if you join JCI with a view to giving, you might just achieve something extraordinary and end up as the JCI World President.

Above all, remember to have fun. If you do, the JCI world is your oyster.

JCI UK has played an active part in international affairs and has provided at least 13 International Vice Presidents. We have not had a JCI World President yet, but it’s still early days!

Find out more about JCI on the JCI World website.

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