Training Tuesday: Become A Leader In Sustainability (JCI Sheffield)

Change begins at home. All it takes is one idea. One movement. One step in the right direction to start a chain reaction for positive change.

All over social media in recent times we have seen the climate strikes become a turning point in history. The population, and especially our generation, are starting to become aware of the damage being done to the Earth and it’s precious ecosystems. Together we can stop animal extinction. We can stop the use of fossil fuels completely, we can stop animal testing and so much more.

But what do we need to be able to achieve these dream like goals?

We need leaders in sustainability. We need people in our communities taking the issue into their own hands and being the force for good. We need people with ideas, hopes and goals for a sustainable life at home and at work. This may sound like a pipe dream, but together, step by step, we can achieve a sustainable future.

In this training session we will take a look at:

The basics of the concept of sustainability and what it means

The impact we are having on our planet

Play an interactive quiz to test your knowledge of sustainable living

Share tips for every area of work and home to give you your first steps

If you have an interest in sustainable living then this training session is perfect for you.

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