Training Tuesday: SEO for Bloggers & Small Businesses (JCI Cornwall)

You may have heard the term ‘SEO’ or ‘Search Engine Optimisation’.

You may have heard it described as “getting to the top of Google”.

You may have even implemented a few basic SEO techniqes for your blog or business website.

Now, you are ready to optimise further, understand more about what your competitors are doing and explore tools (free and paid for) that can help you gain more visibility within search engines and reach your target audience.

In this session, Dave Burkinshaw, Senior SEO Manager from an award-winning global digital marketing agency, will take you through the steps you need to know to ensure your blog or website is search engine friendly.

This session is for:

  • Anyone who has launched or is about to launch their small business website or personal blog. We’re not going to delve too much into the different types of website/blogging platform such as WordPress or Squarespace in this session. We’re exploring SEO techniques that could apply to any platform.
  • Anyone interested in Digital Marketing and wanting to understand a little more about SEO and ethical techniques to use within your strategy.
  • This session is a beginner to intermediate session. Attendees might have a basic understanding of what SEO is and why it’s important and are looking for tangible ways to make improvements to their website or blog.

You’ll discover:

  • The long-term benefits of investing in your SEO strategy
  • The power of research: Understanding your competition and how to use this knowledge to further optimise your own website or blog
  • An Introduction to Google Analytics and Google Search Console and how to get them working for you
  • Your SEO cheat sheet: the bare minimum you need to get started today

This will be a ‘hands on’ session, where you’ll be using free tools to practice researching and collating the information you need to make your SEO strategy a success.

For the session, this means using Zoom breakout rooms and collaboration tools, camera’s and microphones turned on and sharing ideas and findings with others in the group.

By the end of the session, you will:

  • Have a strong understanding of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and how it can benefit your blog or website
  • Feel empowered to be able to research keywords, techniques and competitor insights that will help you gain traction on search engines
  • Understand which free and paid for tools are out there to help you on your journey
  • Know what to do next to start optimising your blog or website today

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We look forward to welcoming you on Tuesday 8th September at 6.30pm.