Training Tuesday: How to be Present without Presence (JCI Cambridge)

The last few months have clearly shown us that the online environment presents very special challenges for meetings and training. In this two-hour training session, participants will discuss their challenges in facilitating high impact online live meetings and learn practical ways to make it happen successfully – at JCI and in their professional lives. Together we will find out which tools are especially suitable for which purpose and what you should pay attention to personally as a moderator or facilitator to make the meeting fun and achieve the best possible results with the participants.

If you have any specific questions beforehand, send them to and I will try to answer them during the training.


The meeting will be on line. A link will be sent out to all registered participants before the start of the training.

The online meeting room will open at 18:15 for an 18:30 start. We will finish at 20:30.

About the Trainer: Marlen Wehner

Marlen Wehner has been a JCI member for many years and is currently a member of the National Board of JCI Germany as Skills Development Director. Her passion for developing and supporting people to unfold their fullest potential is not only realized at JCI but also in her profession as a leadership trainer and speaker.