Training Tuesday: Crossing Boundaries: Effective Leadership in the Covid era (JCI London)

What does it mean to cross boundaries and to thrive in times of uncertainty as we are facing right now?

This interactive session will explore how a leader can adapt to the fast changing environment, and introduce the concept of Personal Agility and its importance in leadership, particularly when crossing boundaries to solve complex problems, both at work and in society.

About Your Facilitator: Ridhima Tomar

JCI London is pleased to welcome Ridhima Tomar, the Development Director for Common Purpose Charitable Trust working in London. Her team runs leadership programmes for senior and emerging leaders locally and globally. Ridhima’s role is outward facing and she is responsible for taking leadership opportunities to different cities, leading on the Business Development strategy for open programmes running locally in London and New York. Ridhima is also responsible for the London alumni strategy, a community of over 4,500 leaders from different sectors and industries. She has worked with a range of global and domestic organisations from different sectors, with a workforce between 25-10,000 employees, and assisted staff in their leadership development.

Ridhima led the streetwise MBA in London and New York, an inclusive leadership programme for emerging leaders. She single-handedly set up the programme in a new city and forged cross-sector partnerships in New York. Ridhima continues to lead on forging new partnerships and stakeholders relationships in London.

Having had to demonstrate the agility we teach in the backdrop of the pandemic, Common Purpose has transformed its programmes and Ridhima is leading on the new online leadership programme for emerging and senior leaders; this brings to life Common Purpose’s core leadership teaching around cross-boundary leadership.