RISE & Community showcase

Join us to hear from partners, local organisations and colleagues about how they are rebuilding and regenerating their communities.

About this Event

On the 18th March we are inviting members to join us for a short conference to showcase the work that has been going on in local organisations to rebuild and regenerate their local communities in the wake of COVID-19.

Following a period of uncertainty, Europe, together with the rest of the world, will need to double down on its efforts in regenerating and rebuilding itself, its economy, its businesses and its human resources. There’s no better way of fulfilling the JCI mission and vision in Europe at this point in time than being a force of empowerment to our individual members, our communities and our businesses in each and every country.

RISE is JCI’s reaction to the Covid-19 pandemic from an economic perspective. It’s a member-driven initiative, encouraging members to develop projects related to the three pillars of RISE:

  1. Sustaining and rebuilding economies by supporting small, local businesses
  2. Motivating the workforce through youth entrepreneurship
  3. Preserving mental health and well-being

This initiative anchors JCI in economic reality, while enabling our global members to move towards One Future.

We need to be active agents of positive change by standing up, supporting and also leading our communities to be better. #RebuildConnectLead as part of JCI RISE is the way European JCI members can set a gold standard with projects derived from a simple method. Together, we can shape a better future for our continent, and set an example for the world to follow.

This event will:

– Inspire you to create your own RISE project through the stories of other JCI organisations.

– Help you understand the opportunities for collaboration with inputs from our national charity partners.

– Give you the practical tools to get started.

If you have any questions about this event please contact William Redpath, Engagement and Growth Director for JCI UK in 2021.

Email – william.redpath@jciuk.org.uk

Date and Time

Thu, 18 March 2021

18:30 – 20:30 GMT

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