Make the most of your membership!

An event for all JCI UK members, old and new, to come together to find out more about the organisation, our goals for 2021 and have fun!

About this Event

What is this event?

Our new members orientation event is the first in a series of events which will be taking place to provide a space for members, old and new to find out more about Junior Chamber International, our goals for the year ahead, the RISE challenge and how you can get more involved in the organisation.

Why should you come along?

– You will find out more about the organisation and the specific opportunities for your personal development.

– You will know more about the goals for JCI UK in 2021 and beyond.

– How you can get involved in a local RISE project.

– You will get to meet and network with other members from around the country.

What will we be doing?

This is not your typical networking event and it is definitely not another webinar!

This event is about YOU! We want to hear from you about your thoughts and ideas for the organisation as we move forward.

To bring some of the themes to life we will be taking part in a series of games and workshops which will enhance your understanding of the work of JCI.

We look forward to welcoming you along to this highly interactive and meaningful event.

If you have any questions then please get in contact with William Redpath, JCI UK Engagement and Growth Director.

Date And Time

Thu, 11 March 2021

18:30 – 20:30 GMT