JCI UK Living and Leading in a Changing World – That Summer Thing #jcitst2020

JCI UK Living and Leading in a Changing World – That Summer Thing #jcitst2020

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How do we navigate these unprecedented times with something that goes beyond just “hoping for the best”?

That’s the question we will be exploring at JCI UK’s Living and Leading in a Changing World Conference 2020 AKA “That Summer Thing!” 

TLDR: If you want the “That Summer Thing” Magazine with all the information – email emma.wilson@jciportsmouth.org.uk or book your ticket here: http://bit.ly/JCIThatSummerThing2020

  • You’re between 18 and 40 years old
  • You’ve shaken a fist at the TV and thought WE NEED BETTER LEADERSHIP to improve the state of the world at least once!
  • You’ve thought “How can I, little old me, feel as though I’m actually making a difference?”
  • You’ve sometimes been sad about species extinction, wildfires, floods, melting glaciers and all the other stuff about climate change on the news (Don’t worry, Climate Grief is a real thing!)
  • Or you just want your boss to take your leadership ambitions more seriously (and maybe ask them to pay for your ticket to make it REALLY CLEAR!!)

Global industry-leading experts in leadership, culture and change and published authors – Neil Crofts and Mark Thompson – will be joining us. These guys are working with energy clients on a post-oil future, tobacco on a post-smoke future, healthcare to embrace digital and adapt to ageing and helping banks and digital companies to perform reliably in a self-disrupted landscape too. They really know their stuff.

Just check out some of their clients – we bet you recognise a few!

Seminar One will look at the global trends in which people now have to lead, demonstrate how intentional change can work and what a system for effective and agile leadership in this new world of constant change really looks like.

Seminar Two will help you to find out how to expand subconscious climate grief and use it as a gateway to action to achieve the Sustainability Development Goals by 2030

Then after Lunch, we’ve got Senate vs South debating. Unscripted, unprepared.. Who will win the day?

Followed by JED-X which is Like Ted-X but JCI-style! Meet Mr International who has lived in over 100 countries, find out 3 life-changing ways to beat procrastination, understand how volunteering really can change the world and explore the five essential elements of leadership that enable teams to thrive, with insights and examples from real teams and businesses….to name but a few of the sessions we’ll be hosting.

Then it’s on to the evening fun…

It’s JCI Portsmouth’s 65th birthday (Can you believe it?!) So we’ll be having a birthday bash at the Royal Naval Club and Royal Albert Yacht Club with some local celebs in attendance. You’ll meet a paralympic skier and world-class sailor Ed Suckling; the first openly transgender ex-President of the Round Table Joanne Lockwood (You may remember her from Channel 4’s documentary The Making of Me”) and Rachel Lowe MBE – a board games developer and creator of fashion brand She Who Dares (You may remember her from Dragon’s Den) and many many more!

There will be food (which is covered in the ticket price) but you will have to buy your own drinks because the ticket is as cheap as chips! (We’ll make sure there are drinks offers on at the Club bar as well so don’t worry!)

It’s going to be fast-paced and fun-filled and be warned – we’re limited on space so get in quick to secure your place.


As well as being a fantastic training provider and business networking group, JCI Portsmouth is keen on helping local charities and, you know, saving the world so we’re making this an eco-friendly event with no single-use plastic.

We’re asking people to do 3 things when they come to the event:

1) Bring your own travel mugs and bottles (We may have some JCI travel mugs in stock but not many) and bring your own notepad and pens too to make notes, or go digital with Ipads – we don’t mind.

2) Bring a notebook and pen to give to Music Fusion – the 11-25-year-olds Music Fusion work with often haven’t had the best start in life. Music Fusion helps them process that through writing lyrics and creating music. They’re super creative so they’re always running out of notebooks so let’s help them out!

3) Sex trafficking is a really big deal and we have a shelter house in Portsmouth for victims to recover from their experiences of being in the trade. They always need towels and toiletries so if you want to go mad with your Boots or Superdrug loyalty card or just add another can of deodorant to your shopping basket we will make sure they get to where they need to go.


If you want the “That Summer Thing” Magazine with more information – email emma.wilson@jciportsmouth.org.uk

If you have any dietary requirements for the dinner or you want to know the best place to park your car – email emma.wilson@jciportsmouth.org.uk

If you can’t wait for JCI’s That Summer Thing and you want to get involved in JCI Portsmouth RIGHT THIS SECOND because it sounds awesome….well you know the drill by now…email emma.wilson@jciportsmouth.org.uk