JCI UK Communications & Marketing Roadshow Pt 2: South

JCI UK’s Communications and Marketing team are going on tour!

On 16th Feb 2019, we’ll be coming to Southampton for a day full of interactive marketing training, including everything from the basics of design to AdWords and Paid Social.

During the morning, we will be running an open training session where all are welcome. We will show you versatile skills that can be forward into your JCI role and your day job! We’ll be giving you the tools you need to run a successful marketing campaign, and making sure that your message gets out to the world.

After lunch, we’ll be taking council teams through a more in-depth look at their marketing requirements for the next few months. Non-council members are more than welcome to stay to get some more practical insights into putting together a Marketing Plan, but please be aware that the focus will be on Local Chamber needs.

Tickets for this events are free, and all council teams are encouraged to attend. In order to give us a rough idea of numbers, please book your free ticket by 15th Feb 2019.

If you’d like us to cover anything in particular in the training, just let our Communications and Marketing Director, Ruthie Pinion, know at ruthie.pinion@jciuk.org.uk.