JCI UK: Ask Anything Q and A – Setting up in business

Our 2020 theme is The Power Of Us. Amongst the JCI membership we have a wide variety of knowledge and experience and we wanted to share that with you. We’re putting on a series of Q&A sessions on useful career and business areas. Let’s demonstrate the power of the JCI network and community and offer members the chance to get to know the amazing range of people in JCI UK and also answer questions they have about relevant topics.

Our upcoming sessions:

  • 3rd September 2020 – Ask any questions about setting up in business – Our panellists will be Ben Hawley & Naily Makangu
  • 17th September 2020 – Ask any questions about managing your personal finances – Our panellists will be Jasmine Lambert & Hope Chirengwa
  • 1st October 2020 – Ask any questions about presenting your best self – Our panellists will be Sarah Beckwith, Ilona Alcock & Simon Ong


The first 30mins of each session will be an opportunity for networking followed by a panel Q&A session starting led by a moderator. The moderator will introduce the guests and they’ll each open with a quick top tip about the subject area. Then there will be a chance for your questions submitted in advance or live.

To finish the session of we’ll have an opportunity for some informal networking and the guests will each sit at a different virtual table should you want to ask follow up questions in front of a smaller group.


Ben Hawley

Ben works as a Business Start Up Advisor for Barnsley council where over the last four years, he’s help over 500 business set up and grow in the borough. These companies have ranged from life style businesses like consultants and dog walkers, through to growth focused tech companies and successful Dragons Den applicants. Prior to his current role, Ben was self employed for ten year running two companies. Firstly, a drinks delivery business then moving on to a marketing and branding agency.

Naily Makangu

Starting as a Software Engineer, Naily Makangu carved her own path into creating Athena Leaders, a remote-first management and leadership consultancy that aims to drive results for her clients whilst at the same time encouraging the play mindset at work. Think of her as the Mary Poppins of Business – she sweeps away challenges whilst encouraging more laughter, play and creating happy high-performing teams. She has a proven track record of turning around struggling organisations and complex software projects/programmes. She once took an organisation from the brink of closure to winning five awards in less than a year. When she is not working, she loves salsa and sport, mostly Tennis and Boxing.

Feel free to check her out on LinkedIn if you’d like to find out more: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nailymakangu/

Michael Steel

Michael runs a national Apprenticeship provider which delivers work based learning qualifications to people in a variety of industries including Digital Marketing, Accountancy, Compliance, HR, Payroll & Management.