13th May, 2021

JCI Sheffield The ‘I’m OK, you’re not OK’ narrative: Leadership learning program

  • JCI Sheffield
  • Online

Date & Time

13th May, 2021

07:00 PM – 08:30 PM

As part of the 2021 JCI Sheffield leadership learning program, we warmly welcome the return of coach and trainer Hannah Butler.

I’m Ok, Your Not Ok, is based on the work of Thomas Harris. This is an interactive workshop exploring how our own beliefs can hold us back and how we have the potential to liberate ourselves and change.

Using transactional analysis we will explore the stories we tell ourselves and how these can distort our interactions with the self and others. This exploration will bringing insight into the self in a fun and novel way, enabling you to make choices and turn around unhelpful thinking.


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  • This workshop is available to JCI members as part of their membership.
  • £15 Non member ticket


Hannah Butler is the MD of Sensus Coaching https://www.sensuscoaching.co.uk/. Hannah believes that people have the power to thrive, in their work and organisations. Hannah supports organisational growth by inviting people to focus on deep thinking, have the courage to explore vulnerability and doubt, embrace their whole self and lean into discomfort to learn more. She encourages people’s development to establish and maintain coaching practices as part of their being, bringing the use of creative techniques to gain insight and self-awareness. Hannah is also the Director of Knowledge Exchange at the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC).