JCI Scotland: An alternative look at Project Management Skillsets

About the Presentation

An alternative look at Project Management Skillsets

We will cover the key skills sets for the aspiring or practicing Project Manager

The webinar will outline the competencies required by the modern Project manager and will then cover the three following areas:

• What a Project Manager Does

Covers the many and varied activities and responsibilities of a Project Manager

• Time Management for Project Managers

Improve your time management in 20 minutes

• Project Psychology

Hacks and Tips for Project Leaders.

This will then be followed by a Q&A session

Peter Cranston Bio

Peter Cranston is an experienced Chartered Engineer CEng, registered Project Management Professional, PMP, and Toastmaster DTM

He has led projects as both Project Engineer and Manager for over 30 years for major contractors and operators and has been responsible for a range of topsides, subsea and drilling upgrades projects with reporting team size up to 100 and project value up to £80M.

His focus is in ensuring simple robust work processes and coaching/developing team members at all levels through his company Cranston Engineering Ltd

Regarding coaching and training he is the author of a 31-chapter text entitled the “Project Engineers toolkit” and a recently released series of online webinars focusing on coaching and developing the Project Engineering community.