JCI Portsmouth: Space In The City

$767 million invested into Space companies in the fourth quarter, total funding for the year has reached $5.8 billion, making 2019 the largest year on record for Space investment.

A new report published by UK space and WPI Strategy is forecasting up to 15,100 additional new green jobs within the space sector by 2030. So you better know what’s going on!

This year marks the 50th Anniversary of the UK’s entry to space with the successful launch of the first Black Arrow.

Having secured substantial investment to complete the initial design and test phase of the project, taking us to commercial space flight, The Black Arrow name has been reinvigorated as Black Arrow Space Technologies starts up in business!

Bill Leach who is involved in the project will be taking us through a whistle-stop tour of being a Start-Up in Space and what that means!

A review of Britain’s developing small launch industry from Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET)
featuring Black Arrow Chief Executive, Paul Williams, at 1:16