JCI Manchester: Strategy Planning Day

JCI UK have set out an overarching 5 year strategy and JCI Manchester have the scope to ensure that we’re heading in the right direction for our local member needs and so we need the input of you, our members!

  • Where should we focus on growing?
  • What are the core activities we do?
  • How would you like to apply strategic thinking to JCI?

This strategy day is a way for us as a local chamber to really look at where we want to be. We want as many viewpoints as possible, as well as members who have just joined and ones who have been members for years.

The day is also a great learning opportunity to apply practical strategic planning skills so we’re keen to have members come along who are also interested in this from a development perspective.

This is not an overnight process though, and a lot of thought and effort goes into a good strategic plan. The results from the day will feed into the plans for 2021 and guide us where we should be going over the coming years . It’s also an exciting way for anyone interested in a future leadership role within JCI Manchester to help shape our approach to being JCI UK’s biggest chamber.

We’ll be giving regular updates following the strategy day and make sure that as the plan develops, we’re still going in the right direction.

This is your plan, so have your say.