JCI Manchester: Home HIIT Fitness Class

Get ready to work up a sweat and feel the burn as we workout with Chris from mycppt.

During the 30 minute class you’ll push yourself with a range of mainly bodyweight exercises targeting various areas of your body. Chris has designed the class for the average home and to be suitable for all fitness levels, so all you need is a bit of space with either a mat, towel or carpet area for any floor activities.

About the trainer

Chris has 8 years as a fitness professional, and deeply enjoys helping people discover the power in their own bodies. After many years working in gyms in London and Manchester, he is now the Fitness Manager of a boutique studio and has helped more than 1000 people meet their fitness goals. Now that the norm is changing for fitness, Chris is focusing on online personal training and classes on demand for Boxing, HIIT, Strength and Nutrition.

Please join the session as promptly as you can so we can start the class on time.