JCI Manchester: Anti-racism basics – starting the conversation

In the wake of the murder of George Floyd and the global amplification of the Black Lives Matter movement this event aims to continue the discussion, as the need to develop an understanding of what anti-racism means has become clear and is needed now more than ever.

But where to start? Firstly being clear on what terms like anti-racist and anti-racism mean is as good a place to begin. As it’s through self-education and awareness that we can all play a part in calling out racial injustice and have a more inclusive society. JCI’s global mission is to create leaders for a changing world, and how we react to the recent events can help us to become more inclusive leaders.

As a member led organisation, JCI Manchester and other UK members have identified that a good first step in helping to tackle injustice is via our own personal education and discussions to deepen collective understanding.

So we’re in the process of shaping the exact event format, but it will be more of a discussion forum. The event will provide an opportunity to reflect on some of the anti-racism resources that we will share in advance. Crucially the event will be designed to foster a safe and supportive environment to enable these vital conversations to take place in a private forum to allow young professionals to challenge racism.

After signing up we will send you anti-racism resources to have a read up on and a pre-event survey to help shape the event based on attendees’ feedback.

Note – this event is limited to JCI Members only