JCI London: Train the Trainer (Part 2): Interactive Learning

In the second of our series, the purpose of this session is to teach you how to develop robust learning aids for your audience.

Some of you may have had to put together training resources to deliver to an audience at work. Often, a lot of people’s idea of training design is to throw as much information on PowerPoint slides as possible.

Less is more, you will learn how to do more with less, and you will do it effectively.

This virtual session will cover the following topics:

  • Before, during and after training
  • Putting together an effective training plan.
  • Are learning styles a myth?
  • Death by PowerPoint!
  • Modern day learning
  • Training strategies.

About Your Facilitator:

“Lavu is an experienced Training and Development Specialist with a demonstrated history of delivering training to graduates, young professionals, leaders and managers across different industries.

Lavu is passionate about developing and making a difference in the lives of young professionals. His passion stems from his background working as a training specialist for IT apprentices, graduates and working professionals over the last ten years.