13th May, 2021

JCI Greenwich Master Your Stress with London Stress Centre Sponsored By ReCyrcle

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Date & Time

13th May, 2021

06:30 PM – 08:00 PM

On Mental Health Awareness Week 2021 JCI Greenwich is hosting Master Your Stress with London Stress Centre Sponsored By ReCyrcle.

Reserve your spot today and learn how to master your stress before it masters you!

– The Event will be Hosted on ZOOM

– Date: 13th May @ 18:30pm BST

About the Event:

Explore with Michael Adu, Director of London Stress Centre:

What is the stress response?

How stress is affecting us in our society?

What are some key characteristics of stressed individuals?

What does stress mean to our body?

Real-time tools you can use to analyse and reduce/optimise your stress levels

About Michael:

Michael Adu is a Specialist in Stress Reduction and a Life Coach. He is the Founder of Disconnect & Chill and currently the Director of London Stress Centre. He helps clients map their current biological stress patterns to create a framework for improvement. Through his coaching, his clients were able to reverse cellular ageing, improve immunity and achieve better balance in the autonomic nervous system- the system controlling stress and relaxation.


– 8 years in the Mental health, Stress & Wellness Industry

– Worked with CALM (Campaigning Against Living Miserably) Charity developing nationwide campaign

– Speaker at MIND charity events

– Conducted multiple employee and student wellness schemes at Cass Business School

– Conducted in-depth programme with St Mungo’s Charity helping vulnerable people regain mental and physical health

– Former ASICS Brand Ambassador: SMSB (Sound Mind Sound Body) London

– Conducted multiple corporate wellness workshops within Co-working spaces (WeWork & Labs Co-working offices)

– Created and implemented a stress management programme bringing awareness and improve biological stress with great – success

To learn more about London Stress Centre please visit :

Website: https://londonstresscentre.co.uk

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Email: info@londonstresscentre.co.uk

YouTube: https://youtube.com/channel/UCfcsg6f7HhivB-6UZTabFSg

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Reserve your spot today and learn how to master your stress before it masters you!