JCI Facilitator


What is Facilitator?

JCI Facilitator is a two-day course that creates a unique learning experience where participants engage and influence their own learning through the exploration of progressive facilitation models. This journey begins with an interactive demonstration of core techniques required to facilitate learning in a variety of contexts. Participants will then explore best practices for effective facilitation through group exercises, and conclude with the opportunity to practice their own version of facilitation using “The Journey” presentation.

The skills and knowledge learned on this course will help delegates in their work lives, particularly those with an interest in delivering training, both within and outside of JCI.

This course was developed in recognition of helping to ensure high quality trainers in JCI & modern techniques.

Those who have graduated from “JCI UK Training Academy”  in 2016 or 2017 will receive a £50 discount for this course. 

Due to latest changes from JCI Global Policy, trainers without the Facilitator qualification will continue to deliver official JCI courses (such as JCI Impact). Although not mandatory, this course is a great opportunity to develop new skills, improve your public speaking and training skills.


Head Trainer: Keira Keogh – 2019 National President for JCI Ireland and former appointee to the JCI Skills Development Committee. Keira has delivered training in numerous countries and in her professional life as a behavioural consultant, specialising in home programs for children with autism focusing on communication, interaction, academics, self-management and behavioural support.

Trainer: Derek Reilly – 2019 Immediate Past President for JCI Dublin, former National President of JCI Ireland (2014) and Conference Organising Director for JCI European Conference (Dublin) 2020. Derek has also provided in-depth training in several countries and in his professional life as a Senior Account Executive for Indeed.com