JCI Europe: G and T O’Clock: GAME ON! Cards Against Humanity!

Do you miss getting together with your friends and/or family to play games and have a few drinks? We do too!

Research by the Beneson Strategy Group has found that 55% of millennials suffer from loneliness. A number that is likely to go only up during this period of lockdown.

You might feel lonely at times during this time, especially if you live alone. That is why we will be playing an online game of Cards Against Humanity on Wednesday 13th May as part of the G&T O’Clock project.

Get your games hat on, grab your favourite drink and be prepared for some fun and good laughs!

How to join the game?

You will need two devices:

  • A mobile phone or tablet to play the game. We will direct you to the http://playingcards.io website using your phone’s web browser. You do not need to download any apps.

  • A laptop, computer, tablet or 2nd mobile phone to join our Zoom chat and interact with the other players in the game.

  • When the event begins, we’ll talk everyone through the instructions and how to play, so don’t worry if you’ve never played Cards Against Humanity before!

Now simply:

  • Register your place

  • We’ll send you a Zoom link and a password to join the game

  • Grab a drink and get comfortable – you’re in for a fun evening!

Please note that this session is part of a 4 week pilot series of events brought to you by members of JCI Europe. Please note that numbers will be limited during the pilot but we hope to welcome you all to the sessions once the pilot is over and we are up and running for real!

See you there!