JCI Chester PO: Free Interactive Workshop for Managers (Help! I’m working REMOTELY!)

Let’s face it – Remote Working isn’t for everyone. For the first time in history, many companies have been forced to operate fully remotely. This transition happened in such a short period that the mindset and structure needed to operate in this mode haven’t been embedded in the culture of many companies.

We want to help. Join our free workshop if you are a Manager, Team Lead, a HR Director or anyone who needs help leading teams or organisations.

We will have an open discussion about issues you are currently facing, share ideas with other people facing similar problems and learn practical and active ways of improving your team.

The session will be based around the following 6 core areas:

1. Leadership & Culture

2. Health & Wellbeing

3. Communication

4. Productivity & Procrastination

5. Tools

6. Fun & Engagement

Why should I attend?

  • Are you feeling overwhelmed with the current situation?
  • Are you unsure how to motivate and engage your team?
  • Are you worried about the amount of additional time you now have to spend to engage with the team in addition to everything else you already had to do?
  • Are you worried about your team not being online when you need them (e.g. “Their Skype/Slack indicator hasn’t been green for a while”, “They are not responding to my messages straight away”, “Are they working or watching Netflix” …)?
  • Are you relying on a “command and control” strategy to get you through this phase?

How Is This Different Than Other Webinars?

  • Limited audience to encourage participation – you can share and contribute to the discussion
  • Tailored to your issues – Pick topics to discuss based on your personal problems and issues
  • Active learning experience – learn from the facilitator and from other delegates. You are not watching a pre-recorded video or listening to someone talk to you for an hour
  • Action plan – You will leave the session with an action plan on how you can feel more confident and secure as a manager
  • Networking & Social Interaction – Get to know other managers, create stronger relationships…way more than a LinkedIn request
  • Interactive & Fun – We all need to laugh, especially with everything going on. The session has been built in a way that is interactive, engaging and fun.

What’s in It for Me?

At the end of the session you will:

  • Feel more confident and secure in the way you can support your team
  • Have a concrete action plan to start engaging with your team
  • Know what you need to focus on to improve your leadership style
  • Look forward to going back to work on Monday and put into practice what you have learned
  • Be able to start turning your life and workplace into a playground

I Really Love This Concept, But I Cannot Attend. What Can I Do?

That is not a problem. Depending on the demand, we might run more sessions in the future. At this point, this is not guaranteed. Email ejila.makangu@jciuk.org.uk if you would like to be kept up to date about future events.