JCI Belfast: Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Have you ever wanted to take part in a virtual scavenger hunt!?
OK, until a couple of months ago we hadn’t thought about it either but lemons and lemonade! 🙈🙈
Join us on Tuesday 26th of May at 6pm on virtual scavenger hunt and learn how to:
– Improve your communication skills.
– Develop your ability to work in a group.
– Increase awareness of your own role within a team.
Search for random items around your house and have fun!
Your Co-Facilitators:
William Redpath is a current JCI Belfast member and was part of the organising committee for JCI UK National convention 2019. He has also participated in Coaching For Inclusion with JCI Malta in October 2019.
Marie Scully is a member of JCI Galway and has contributed to a number of JCI events and is a regular attendee to International events, including JCI Scotland National convention 2019 and Coaching for Inclusion with JCI Malta.
**Zoom link will be shared privately with registered participants