Could you be one of our 2020 Board Directors?

Could you be one of our 2020 Board Directors?

August 8, 2019 9:29 am Published by 1 Comment

For 2020 there is a change in the structure of National Board, so that rather than a Director being responsible for an entire portfolio area (such as Community or Marketing) the roles and responsibilities for different tasks will be shared between the team and certain projects can be undertaken by members who cannot be part of the National Board team.

As a collective, the National Board team will need to ensure that all tasks are completed but can allocate tasks to take into account the strengths of the individuals and also other commitments (such as holidays or busy periods at work). There will be a strong emphasis on #ThePowerOfUs whereby the work of the team as a whole is the most important thing and that the National Board team will work together for the success of the organisation. On the intention to stand document there is an opportunity to express details of the projects which individual Directors would be interested in being involved in.

National Board positions will be elected at the AGM in September. If you are interested in standing please send a completed intention to stand document to the 2019 JCI UK Admin Director Vicky Biggs at and also to James Lambert, at before the deadline of 8pm on Friday 16 August 2019.

If more than one person stands for a particular role, we will let you know in case you wish to prepare an election campaign.

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