Posted By admin |30 Apr 2014

Council team » Ilona_opt.jpgI should warn you now. I am even more excited than usual about JCI and my role as your local President. Something I wasn't really sure was possible before this weekend. Why? Because I have spent two days catching up with fellow local presidents, deputy presidents, the JCI UK National Board and, all the way from Belgium, International Vice President Jef Hendrickx.

These guys individually can all be relied upon to fire up my motivation levels, to inspire me to do better and to ensure I generally have a lot of fun. Put them all together in one room and I am buzzing! One of the brilliant things about JCI as an organisation is that we really do work as a team. Yes, there is healthy competition between chambers (don't worry, JCI Sheffield is definitely the best...) but we all offer advice and support to each other. It's brilliant to have people around who do the same job as you to bounce ideas off, and to share your successes and challenges.

This support network of presidents now has an added twist. All chambers have been paired up to enable a national buddy system. I'm delighted to announce that JCI Sheffield has been paired with JCI Southampton. I'll be chatting to their president, the lovely Max, over the coming weeks to kick this off and will keep you posted. I can feel a trip to the seaside coming on...

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So what else can we look forward to on the national agenda? Loads of stuff!

- The first JCI UK Public Speaking Academy, 10 - 11 May, Birmingham. Bookings open and places going fast. Sponsorship available from JCI Sheffield - contact Hannah for more details.

- JCI UK on Tour! You'll have heard me mention European Conference in Malta before and I make no apologies for doing so again. It's going to be EPIC! Sponsorship available from JCI UK and JCI Sheffield - contact Matthew for more details. And if you can't make this, how about World Congress in Germany in November? You know you want to!

- JCI Presenter, Sat 19 July, hosted right here in sunny Sheff! A fantastic course which comes highly recommended. Don't miss out.

- Shade Aid - our flagship JCI UK community project for the year, in conjunction with Flamingo Creative. Start gathering all your old sunglasses now.

- JCI UK LEAP (Leadership Excellence in Action Programme), 29 - 31 August, Birmingham. Bookings open and again, sponsorship available from JCI UK and JCI Sheffield.

- National Convention, 14 - 16 November, hosted by the newly affiliated and totally brilliant JCI Canary Wharf.

And of course as a JCI member you can pop along to nay local event, anywhere in the country. So check their web pages and social media to see what takes your fancy. I'm currently considering negotiation in Birmingham and debating in Cambridge. If you're out and about around the UK just drop the nearest chamber an email to see who's around. I promise you won't regret it.

Ilona Alcock

JCI Sheffield 2014 President