JCI Belfast Trip

JCI Belfast Trip

Posted By admin |02 Jul 2013
JCI Belfast Trip

One of the best aspects for me about JCI, is the fact that there are so many chambers all over the world - and gladly, with the drop of an email...those chambers love other members to visit and share good practice and experiences...

Hold on Michael you might be thinking...the world...that's thinking not just outside the box...but off the page! OK OK...I'm always one to think BIG...and those at JCI Southampton who know me...have long stopped rolling their eyes when I'm ranting on about going international.

So, let's stick with the UK then. Last weekend saw me hop on a plane from Southampton airport and fly to visit our friends at JCI Belfast. In little over an hour I had arrived and was gearing up for their event on the Friday night. JCI Belfast had organised a quiz night support their local charity, the Prince's Trust.

With the room buzzing and teams assembled...I made my way to our table where I hooked up with JCI UK National President, Emma Eastwood. Emma had flown over from Leeds earlier in the day. I had also dragged my cousin (who lives in Belfast) along with his friend, as they wanted to find out more about the event and the chamber. Our team was complete...we were excited, pumped up and...then the sport questions came. Ok, we didn't win, but we had a great time speaking to local members and I personally made a great business contact with an organisation based in Belfast.

Their President, Richard O'Neill, and Deputy, Gary Rocks (great name...almost as good as Mr Steel ‘Man of Steel') gave the typical Irish welcome and I personally had a blast. I mean, I flew to the other side of the UK and had no reservations about rocking (pun intended Gary) up - it's JCI UK - we're all within the UK family!

I stayed in Belfast for the weekend and Emma and I attended a Christmas (yes you read correct) party on Saturday night....a new one for me indeed.

Result: Business contacts made, UK networking, Irish cider, new friends gained and a very Happy Christmas!

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Left to right:

JCI Southampton President, Michael Steel

JCI UK President, Emma Eastwood

JCI Belfast President, Richard O'Neill