Barnsley Hospital Charity 2015 Rainbow Run

Barnsley Hospital Charity 2015 Rainbow Run

Posted By admin |24 May 2015
Barnsley Hospital Charity 2015 Rainbow Run

Blog by Jenny Storey

On Sunday 17th May I was standing in Locke Park with other members of JCI waiting to cover runners in blue powder paint. We were volunteering for the Barnsley Hospital Charity Rainbow Run for a second year. This was my first though, last time I was working so I was very happy to get a chance to join in the fun!

Most of us arrived early to carry pots of powder paint to our station and set up our flag. Then we waited and waited and complained it was cold! At around 12 the 1K race started and the first bits of blue paint were blown away in the wind, covering more of the tree that anything else.


Our President and Charity Director came around the corner and I think we all rubbed our hands with glee! Later both joined the rest of us throwing paint at the 5K runners. I decided to move to the other side of the path, my reward was to end up looking like a Smurf! However it was worth it to join in the fun. Everyone looked like they enjoyed their day and lots of the little children where rolling in the paint and some even ran through our station a few times to get extra paint on themselves.

We went through five pots and two boxes of paint! Which was fun to throw, not so much having to clean up after. We left around 3ish and the sun came out, typical! I had fun though and there are some great photos of the day, lets hope we get to do it all again next year.