Are you coming to JCI UK Inspiration Day

Are you coming to JCI UK Inspiration Day

Posted By admin |12 Feb 2011
Are you coming to JCI UK Inspiration Day


Inspiration Day is the first national event in the JCI UK calendar. It has been designed to get everyone back in the swing of things after the holidays and is an ideal way to meet the new members from both the local and national boards.  For these reasons it is always hosted as early in the year as possible and has recently been combined with a local chamber Annual Dinner so that members can attend multiple events in the same weekend.

JCI Reading has therefore collaborated with JCI London, and their annual dinner at the House of Lords on Friday 28th January, and will be hosting Inspiration Day 2011 on Saturday 29th January at the Quality Hotel in Reading.  Thus allowing people to attend both events with the minimum of travel required between. (Reading is only a 30 minute train ride from Paddington, and we have chosen a venue very close to the train station).

To further increase the value of the weekend we will also be hosting a JCI Presenter course on the Sunday 30th January.

As fairly new members to JCI we decided to run an event that would follow Allison Cowell's, National President 2011, Back to Basic's theme and following many discussions we found that the main reason we joined JCI was because of the people already involved in the organisation. So along with 2 outside speakers we will be hearing from past, present and future members about how JCI has inspired them.

One of the things that I've found out about people within JCI is that they work well in teams so we will also be including a fun, action pack, competitive team game for you as part of 'Roam around Reading' where you will also learn a little about what Reading has to offer, while building on friendships with members from all over the country.

We have already had people starting to book hotels and register their interest for Inspiration Day before the booking was official opened! So be sure to take advantage of the early bird price of £26 (+ £3 booking fees) by booking by Monday 10th January. When booking we'll also be asking you how has JCI inspired you, as this will help us make sure this Inspiration day is motivating ad inspiring! 

A big thank you has to go out to the BJC Foundation as we have been successful in our grant application, the grant has enabled us to reduce all the ticket prices by £7 per ticket. The BJC Foundation's aim is to help with JCI UK's growth and retention of members.