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Recent winners of this award include:

John Loughton, UK, 2013 Starting his commitment to creating positive change at an early age, John Loughton began his service career through volunteerism at his local school. Loughton avoided the temptation of drugs and crime, which is common in his impoverished neighborhood of the United Kingdom. Before the age of 16, he formed the first ever youth forum in his community, leading to a conference for 100 underprivileged youth. He was the first of his family accepted into university studies and served as the youngest ever Chairman of the Scottish Youth Parliament. Using his strong voice and leadership position, Loughton rallied more than 25 000 youth to take positive actions in their community.

His strengths in youth leadership and economic empowerment were recognized when Loughton was asked to sit alongside an expert group of Scottish and English thinkers and politicians to review the British political system. In addition, he accompanied delegations of young people to both the G8 and G20 Youth summits as the UK Prime Minister of Youth Diplomatic Service. His skills and leadership experiences then launched him into his latest venture, a start-up leadership training company, Dare2Lead.

Considering his training and vast experience in leadership and human rights, Loughton fully believes that in today's modern society, ethics and compassion are intrinsic to becoming successful. Driving by this philosophy, Dare2Lead trained 6000 people in their first operating year and developed contracts with large corporate, government and nonprofit organizations. Loughton is personally and professionally driven to build a new generation of entrepreneurs, social activists and active citizens invested in the wellbeing of their communities.